Larry Johnson Executive Director of Public Safety & Security

Larry Johnson
Chief of Staff
Public Safety/School Security
1331 Franklin S.E. 49506
Phone: (616) 819-2100
Fax: (616) 819-2017


Brief Department Information

The Grand Rapids Public School District currently enrolls approximately 15,000 students. The Public Safety Department has approximately 15 certifiable; 25 non-sworn personnel; 5 Sergeants; 2 secretaries; training and compliance officers and the Director of Public Safety. GRPS Public Safety officers receive over 120 hours of Inservice training yearly and officers but complete a six-week field training program prior be assigned to a building.  The officer utilizes the Campus Safety Course as the training module for school safety and security offices.

Day Operations

The Grand Rapids Public School Public Safety/School Security currently employees 41 school safety officers, including certifiable police officers (MCOLES). The department operates 15 hours daily, five days a week throughout the school year. When requested by local law enforcement agencies, safety/security officers respond to local law enforcement agencies and may assist with investigating crimes in and around our 54 buildings.  The  enforcement of criminal laws and ordinances of the State of Michigan and the City of Grand Rapids is the responsibility of certified, sworn law enforcement officers, however, when requested GRPS Public Safety staff will provide assistance in helping investigate and solve crimes committed on school property. Officers handle a variety of investigations including child abuse, drug possession and distribution, assault, burglary, theft, weapons possession, and parking violations by providing assistance and non FERPA related information to requesting agencies. GRPS Public Safety Officers provide crowd control, parking services, and traffic control at athletic events and other school functions when held on GRPS property. 


The Grand Rapids Public School Department of Public Safety strongly believes in the motto “Prevention and Intervention before Detention and Apprehension”.  Our public safety offices are trained to Prevent, Observe and Report.  Our primary function is building relationships with our students, staff and parents to prevent incidents from occurring.  If an incident does occur, our offices are trained to observe and become the best witness we can be for local law enforcement, and finally we shall report all crimes and violations to our local police department for further consideration.